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The payment system created within the framework of the „Metro Service +” Transport Project undergoes continuous modifications, renewals and adaptations. . From 2006 until today, up to 150 renewals and modifications have been implemented, including the major changes of the tariff scheme: Implementation of the discount system based on the exits; Implementation of the discount system based on the sequence/quantity of the travel; Implementation of the discount system based on the time.
By means of emission of both the bank cards, and the ordinary travel cards, „Metro Service +” accomplished support of the cards of around 20 different types, for various categories of the passengers. The Company has a highly qualified technical group that provides the technical service of the payment equipment installed in the municipal busses of Tbilisi and Batumi, ensuring the fastest response in case of the damage/failure. „Metro Service +” ensures continuous and uninterruptible implementation of the procedures related to the service quality improvement.


Apr 25

Batumi Municipal transport

From January 2017, the new card system was implemented in the Batumi Municipal transport as well, namely, new card validators were installed in 150 busses. With the purpose of the travel fare payment control, the controllers and conductors were provided with the special equipment. Well-equipped modern service center was created to ensure the issue of the standard travel cards “Batumi cards”, as well as that of the personalized preferential cards with the applied photos of the beneficiaries.

Apr 25

New Busses

Within the same 2016, modern card validators were installed in 143 new “Man” busses, while in the old “Bogdan” busses 130 old cash registers were replaced with the new ones..

Apr 25

School cards

In 2016, new universal bank cards – the “School cards” – with the travel function were issued. Within the same 2016, the universal bank “Stickets” with the travel function were issued as well.

Apr 25

Rike – Narikala

In 2012, the card system was implemented in the “Rike – Narikala” aerial cableway, and in 2016 the same was accomplished for the renewed “Vake – Turtle Lake” aerial cableway.

Apr 25

Tbilisi Minibus

In 2011 a 10-year exclusive contracts were concluded with the Tbilisi Minibus Management Companies, providing the implementation of the card payment system in around 2000 minibusses.

Apr 25

Tbilisi City Hall and Tbilisi Transport Company

In 2011, together with Tbilisi City Hall and Tbilisi Transport Company, “Metro Service +” accomplished the passenger vauchering project with the purpse of depositing 5 GEL to the travel cards of up to 1.5 million passengers for the payment of the travel fares within the municipal transport.

Apr 25

JSC “Bank of Georgia”

In 2011, JSC “Bank of Georgia” issued the universal “Express cards” with the travel function. The cardholders do not need the travel card filling procedure anymore, the fare is deducted from the bank account, where salaries or other revenues are transferred. Besides that, the Express Card holders can use for transport the bonus points accumulated in various trade entities.

Apr 25

Tbilisi Bus

In 2009 “Metro Service +” and “Tbilisi Bus” concluded a contract which resulted in the installation of 1400 cash registers and GPS/GPRS Modules in 700 busses, and implementation of parallel data transfer system. The Project ensures the transfer of the Bus GPS coordinates to the server of the transportation company.

Apr 25


From 2009, the Company accomplished the development of the card recharge network (TOP UP), which is based on the innovative system of the recharging in fast payment terminals. 1500 such terminals have been placed in Tbilisi and 1300 – in the regions.

Apr 25


In 2009 “Metro Service +” and the company “Magticom” implemented the first social transport project for the students (Bali Card).

Apr 25

Tbilisi Metro/Subway Concluded A Contrac

In 2006 “Metro Service +” and Tbilisi Metro/Subway concluded a contract with the goal to ensure the collection and administration of the travel fare. Within the framework of the Contract, “Metro Service +” has accomplished full modernization of the services and infrastructure of the Tbilisi Metro/Subway, which includes the implementation of the card payment system.