The company “Metro Service +” (I/N 205150352) was founded in 2006. It was the first company in Georgia that implemented the transport fare card payment system and it has been functioning in the fields of administration and fare collection in the municipal transport and cableway systems for 12 years already. “Metro Service +” has 32 service centers in Tbilisi and Batumi. The Company serves up to 700000 passengers, 1000 municipal busses and 2000 mini busses per day. All around Georgia, the Company owns around 3000 self-service terminals that enable the passengers to deposit amounts into the cards and to pay fines. The Company has around 240 employees.

In 2017, JSC “Bank of Georgia” won the tender/contest “On Modernization of the Fare Payment System in the Public Transport” announced by Tbilisi City Hall. Within the framework of the project, the transport fare payment system with all types of the Georgian and foreign cards shall be implemented for the Tbilisi Metro/Subway, busses and cableways. The municipal transport shall be equipped with the new cash registers and card reader validators, special mobile applications with the travel planning and ticket purchasing functions shall be created as well. “Metro Service +” as the subcontractor of the JSC “Bank of Georgia” is responsible for the fulfillment of the tender/contest conditions and subsequent operations.